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August 2009 Renewable Energy Articles

Solar Energy Projected Growth
With all the hype about photovoltaic solar energy, the only question is how much is it going to take off. According the projection below, renewable energy is expected to multiply by a factor of 7. This means that the solar industry will increase from $13 billion in 2006 to more than $65 billion in 2016.

Solar Plants in Nevada
Fox News reports that the National Energy Summit in Lass Vegas, Nevada, will be home to discussion of a proposed solar system on the California/Nevada boarder. The system, if built, would create 400 mW of electricity, enough to power 300,000 homes.

Average Solar System Cost
According to two sources, and, the average cost of a photovoltaic solar panel system is between...

Hybrid Solar Lighting

Hybrid solar lighting is a relatively new technology that combines sunlight with artificial incandescent or fluorescent lighting, saving 60% or more off indoor lighting costs...

Solar Panel Price
The photovoltaic solar industry has seen significant growth in the past three years. The demand for photovoltaic solar panels...

Solar Thermal Boiler

Ausra received an American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) "S" certification after showing that is solar steam boiler has been built and operates within ASME Boiler adn Pressure Vessle Code.

True Solar System Cost
t’s all over the news, living a green life-style saves the environment and your wallet. One of the ways to go green is to purchase a photovoltaic solar panel system

World Solar Photovoltaic Output
German and Spain held nearly 75% of the world's photovoltaic solar market output.