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  World Photovoltaic Solar Panel Market Share

According to this 2007 chart, German and Spain held nearly 75% of the world's photovoltaic solar market output. This is due to aggressive plans by both countries to install significant amounts of photovoltaic solar systems.

world photovoltaic market share

  Even church leaders and the Pope are noticing the need to install solar ( They see the economic and environmental benefit, both of which have never been better and are encouraging investors in Germany to invest in solar (New York Times).

Similar changes to renewable energy will happen throughout Europe, especially with countries such as Spain, France, Italy, and Greece copying Germany’s solar rebate program. This is in hopes for the country’s to reach their goal of generating 12.5% of their electricity from renewable sources, such as photovoltaic solar panel systems.

The world photovoltaic market share is shifting. The United States removed the cap on the 30% federal solar tax rebate, encouraging investors to invest in photovoltaic solar panel systems. With the American Southwest, which is famous for a sunny, hot, dry environment, this is the perfect location for solar installations. With the current economic environment, especially the drop of the real estate market, American investors are searching for new places to invest their money. Why not invest in a concept that helps the environment, reduces our dependence on foreign oil for energy, and offers a secure 8-15% tax free return on investment?

world photovoltaic solar market share

With the capital available in the United States and the idea solar hours in the American Southwest, it is only a matter of time before we pass up Germany for the greatest photovoltaic world market share.