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  San Diego Gas & Electric Solar Rebates

As one of the major electricity providers of Southern California, rebates from SDG&E affect many people. This way, many people can save money while the utility company does not need to create as much electricity. This is to meet the standard set by the federal government of 25% renewable by 2025.

Residential Solar Rebate: $1.90/watt

San Diego Gas and Electric California Feed-In Tariff

Program Type: Production Incentive

San Diego Gas and Electric Rebates (appliances)

San Diego Gas and Electric also offers rebates when purchasing energy efficient appliances. If you are contemplating buying new appliances, I would do it soon. As more individuals take advantage of these rebates, the amount of rebate goes down. Since you want to maximize your savings, you need to take advantage of the rebates. Rebates are at their highest now, so why not buy your appliance now?

Some of the rebates offered by SDDGE and links to the details:

conpact fluorescent light bulb
  • Home Improvements
    • For homeowners with unsecured financing
    • These upgrades will make your home look and feel better while saving you energy
    • Upgrades including:
      • Water Heater
      • Space Heating
      • Cooling
      • Windows
      • Insulation
      • Roofing
      • Pool
      • Plantation Shutters
      • Natural Gas Barbecues
  • Home Efficiency Rebates

    Central Furnace (Natural Gas)
    Pool Pumps and Motors (Multi-Speed)
    Pool Time Clock Reset
    Room Air Conditioning
    Water Heaters
    Whole House Fan
    Clothes Washer

    $0.15 / sq. ft.
    $25 / pool
swimming pool rebates

Appliance Recycling Program

  • In addition to a rebate when buying an enegry efficient appliance, also receive a credit for getting rid of old appliances.