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Pacific Gas & Electric Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Rebates
Pacific Gas & Electric (PGE) is part of the California Solar Initiative. This is a measure set up by the state of California to compensate customers for the purchase of a photovoltaic solar system. PGE has over 30,000 systems installed in its service area, accounting for 40% of the United States Residential solar systems.
Solar Rebate: $1.55/watt as of June 2009
     This is according to

     To learn your role in purchasing/installing a solar system (to receive the maximum rebate), click here. On this site, it answers your questions about installing solar and provides a great idea about where to being.

Pacific Gas and Electric California Feed-In Tariff

Program Type: Production Incentive

Pacific Gas & Electric California Solar Initiative

Program Type: State Rebate Program