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Solar Financing

Like any other expensive purchase, property owners have the option of financing their solar system. Solar, unlike most other purchases, will pay for itself through savings on electricity in 8-12 years. If property owners can afford their electricity bills, then they will have little difficulty paying for a solar system.

Lenders have created unique programs for the solar industry. Some of the most famous include:


The following companies offer solar financing:

Rich Hessler Solar Financing

Rich Hessler specializes in offering personal services to all of their clients. They specialize in business development setup and technology.



Our goal is make premium solar as affordable as possible. That’s why we offer a range of options that can be customized to your needs through our financing partners


Clean Power Finance

Clean Power Finance offers financing exclusively through our network of approved installers.


Sun Run Home

SunRun specializes in home solar financing, we can offer you the best implied rate of any home solar financing solution, including bank loans. SunRun will purchase the home solar power systems for you. Because we own the home solar power system, we take complete care of it, including maintenance, repairs, monitoring and insurance.